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We help organizations and individuals who are serious about tapping into their talent and embracing new ways of doing things to get desired results.

Our coaching programs and services are custom designed to meet each individual’s specific needs, preparing them to immediately apply new proficiencies with confidence.
Need to Train Managers How to Coach Their Employees?

Organizations need employees to be creative, flexible risk takers who welcome responsibility and accountability. Managers need to get results and develop people. Help your managers become the key to developing self-managing employees who own their jobs and their results.
Want to Enhance the Impact of the Human Resources Department?

Human Resources professionals can create a new way of addressing problem issues with managers and staff through coaching skills and proficiencies. A great skills workshop that gives the HR professional the way to help the Human Resources customer proactively solve employee issues.
Perrone-Ambrose Coaching
Looking for an Executive Coach?

Executive coaching has become the premiere development path for leaders. This service is for executives who have established themselves as integral to the life of the organization. Many leaders at some time in their career need to renew, reshape or realize their personal impact.

Setting Up A Mentoring Program
1-day (9-3PM)
with lunch
* $750

Aug 22, 2017
Chicago (Deerfield)

Sept 12, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

Setting Up A Mentoring Program Webinar
2 90 Minute Sessions
$350 (Workbook $65)

Aug 21 + 28, 10AM CST
Oct 3 + 10, 10AM CST

Intro to Project-Based Mentoring 
One 60-minute webinar session
* $95

Aug 8, 2017, 2pm CST
Aug 15, 2017, 10am CST

Mentors 2100
Licensing Program
* $2600
$195 for Materials

Aug 23-25, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

Sept 13-15, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

All programs can be customized and offered on your site.

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