For more than 25 years Perrone-Ambrose Associates has been committed to helping organizations establish and sustain growth oriented mentoring cultures. We are dedicated to making our client’s people as good as they can be and better than they have been. PAA has consulted to every possible industry–from banking to manufacturing to associations, from healthcare to governments to non-profits.

1. Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc. has more than twenty-five years of experience assisting organizations to establish and sustain formal mentoring systems.

2. Perrone-Ambrose’s Strategic Support Cycle © approach to planning, launching and sustaining a formal mentoring process insures that the mentors and mentees are provided with the developmental activities necessary to sustain a vigorous learning partnership throughout the mentoring year.

3. Perrone-Ambrose provides mentees with the skills and mind-set necessary to be the primary driver of the mentoring process. A unique set of mentee competencies and an individualized step-by-step training approach make formal mentoring a genuinely significant career-enhancing opportunity.

4. Perrone-Ambrose’s mentor training focuses on the skills necessary for managers to make the transition from telling and fixing to empowering and building capacity in those whom they mentor. Mentors learn skills and have success experiences as mentors in formal mentoring relationships that they carry back to the people they lead and manage every day.

5. Perrone-Ambrose provides clients with the supporting materials and templates necessary to plan and launch a formal mentoring program including: application forms, invitation letters, matching criteria and evaluation instruments. Each organization has the advantage of having a mentoring program tailored to its culture, and yet has immediately available the turnkey administrative resources critical to implementing a formal mentoring process.

6. Perrone-Ambrose has worked with a wide range of national and international organizations, including: BP, Federal Reserve Bank, New York Life, Newell Rubbermaid, Marshall Space Center NASA, Saudi Aramco,  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Siemens, EPA, Spectrum Health, Walgreens.

7. The Perrone-Ambrose Mentoring Alliance Model insures that the role of the mentee’s manager as the primary coach and developer is in no way diminished as a result of a formal mentoring program that provides the mentee with a mentor who is not his or her manager.

8. Perrone-Ambrose offers the option of licensing so that an organization may run this mentoring program following an intensive three-day Train-The-Trainer experience.

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