The Potential OF Mentoring

Setting Up a Mentoring Program

Two virtual sessions of 1 and 1/2 hours each or one 3-hour session will prepare you (up to 6 individuals) to set up your organization’s own mentoring program.

Learn how to use a formal mentoring approach to support retention, diversity, recruiting, and succession planning.

Establish strategic goals and plans for implementing mentoring.

Develop strategies for selecting and matching mentors and mentees.

Gain skills in the best way for communicating the process to your organization.

The comprehensive manual ($75 plus shipping, per participant), a step-by-step guide for establishing and sustaining a mentoring system, will be sent prior to the sessions. The cost of the two virtual sessions is $600.00 for one participant, and $900.00 for up to six participants.

This workshop can also be conducted at your site for between two and six people.  The cost of the onsite program is $1500.00 plus the $75.00 per person workbook. Travel expenses would be billed as incurred.