Master the Mentor Program

The Master Mentor Program

Mentors who have received instruction and training in the fundamentals of mentoring can now enhance their mentoring skills and take full advantage of the lessons they’ve learned through their mentoring experience in the “Master Mentor” program.  The objectives specifically:

  • Build on the mentor’s lessons of experience in order to reach greater levels of competence and proficiency
  • Lead the mentee to a fuller expression of his or her talents, skills and innate strengths
  • Stimulate creating provocative dialogues to stir the mentee’s thinking and build self-awareness for excellence in performance and positive personal impact.

While the program builds on the mentoring skills and competencies, it introduces eight mentoring proficiencies that take mentors to a more advanced way of mentoring and coaching.  These proficiencies put rigor in the mentor/mentee dialogue by inviting in vulnerability and candidness.  Mentors also learn to get a deeper “take” on the mentee’s strengths and limitations.  The proficiencies are practiced in the four quadrants of the Mentoring Compass.

The “Master Mentor” is offered as an in-house one-day training program for your mentors conducted by Perrone-Ambrose.

The Master Mentor Train-the-TrainerProgram

For professionals who want to bring the “Master Mentor” program in house, the train-the-trainer program is an efficient means to train experienced mentors. Participants in the train-the-trainer program will embark on a two-day learning experience to confidently conduct the “Master Mentor” program in their organization.  They will learn and practice the eight mentoring proficiencies in a variety of mentoring situations in Day1 of the program.  Day 2 is devoted to practice delivering each section of the “Master Mentor” program.

Registration fees for the Master Mentor Train-the-Trainer licensing program is $2,000 per participant. The Materials charge is $95 per participant.

Upcoming Master Mentor Train-the-Trainer workshops are scheduled for:

November 19 & 20, 2019

January 14 & 15, 2020

To arrange for the Master Mentor Train-the-Trainer Program to be conducted at your site for up to eight participants, please contact Perrone-Ambrose Associates (847) 714-9501.

To Register for an Upcoming Train-the-Trainer workshop conducted at Perrone-Ambrose